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What, did the 2003 Limewire leaks turn up again?  Edit: Really want to hear Cats in the Cradle and Every Rose Has It's Thorn again. Cockroach Soup was also a banger.

Fake for sure.  If Axl put half the time these people put into making fakes into releasing new music, we'd have an overflow of new music. 

Two alleged leaks of previously unheard songs have appeared, and they may or may not be fake. One rock song and one ballad. Any thoughts?

I think it’s fake, sounds like a good Axl imitator for sure but the breathing and tone of his high voice is totally off in my opinion

Both songs are also shite, sounds like something a band of 14 year olds would write back in the 80s.

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Very, very fake IMO

Seems like someone tried grabbing some GNR-sounding songs off of something like Soundcloud, muddied up the quality to make them ambiguous, and it ended up being used as a pawn for a trade gone wrong.

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43 minutes ago, Marcelo Garay said:

There´s one way to prove if these leaks are real or fake. I´ll upload it to youtube and if it gets taken down then it its real 
Correct me if I am wrong haha
PS: If you wanna listen to it send me a message

Years ago, I've had fake GN'R songs removed from YouTube.

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