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Hard Skool--Grammy bound?

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The Grammys are taking place on 1/31/'21, four months from now. While it remands to be seen how well "Hard Skool" performs on radio/streams, the tour has done very well and GN'R are still an A-list band. Could "Hard Skool" receive a nomination for rock or metal performance? Body Count won a Grammy last year for "Bum Rush," so why not GN'R? 

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1 minute ago, RichardNixon said:

Body Count won a Grammy. What competition will Hard Skool have? Iron Maiden? 

It’ll have competition from “rock” bands like Imagine Dragons and bullshit like that. People consider rock bands anything with a guitar and a bass nowadays. Guns are a bunch of geezers at the Grammys, I don’t see how they make the cut

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You can't win a Grammy for "Best Rock Performance" in today's pop culture, unless it has a guest appearance  by a rapper with "Lil" in his stage name, and features some computerized "beats" in the background, that over-ride the actual instruments being played. GnR can do a "remix" of Hard Skool, by bringing in a "rapper" with a name like "Lil Ding Dong"  to spit some "bars" during the guitar solo, and they might actually have a chance. 

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