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7 hours ago, BangoSkank said:

Just chiming in again to say that there is no debate and that it's Rock Am Ring 2006. Gotta be the best form Axl has been in since the late '80s. 

This is fact. 

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7 minutes ago, agustingloger said:

I could never agree with someone who says the Best WTTJ intro is one without Slash 😂 He wrote the fucking song

I know that both slash and duff claim that they've written the verse (main) riff in wttj (with some solid evidence that duff wrote it since one of his pre-gnr band had the same riff in one of their songs). Other than that, as far as I know we don't know who wrote what (besides that Axl wrote the lyrics), except that slash also claim that he wrote the intro? 

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