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What songs do you consider to be the best by part

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So basically all GNR songs feature vocals, lead, rythem and bass guitars, and drums and most feature keys/piano/synth. 

So what songs do you think have the best parts and why. Example I personally think the best bass line is on YCBM with the best vocal performance on Twat.


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Vocals, twat, civil war, perfect crime, prostitute

Bass, rocket queen

Lead guitar, paradise city, twat, scom, this I love, November rain, estranged

Riff, Coma, Jungle, ISE, chinese, Michelle,

Drums, YCBM, Riad, brownstone

And I'm a fan of all the piano/synth arrangements. 


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Vocals: There Was A Time

Electric Guitars: Nightrain

Acoustic Guitars: Patience

Bass: If the World

Drums: Rocket Queen

Piano: Prostitute

Synths: There Was A Time

Orchestra: Prostitute

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Vocals - It's So Easy / Nightrain / One In A Million (vocals, not lyrics) / KOHD / Reckless Life

Lead - Nightrain / SCOM / Don't Damn Me / Locomotive / Reckless Life

Rhythm Izzy - Brownstone / One In A Million / Move To The City

Bass - It's So Easy / SCOM / YQBM

Drums Steven - Rocket Queen / Nightrain

Drums Matt - Coma / Locomotive / Raw Power

Piano - 14 Years / Civil War

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Vocals: One in a Million - Oh My God - .

Bass Line:  YCBM - Down on the Farm.

Drums: Hair of the Dog -  Rocket Queen - Locomotive.

Rhythm guitar: Back Off Bitch (Slash) - Nightrain (Izzy)

Guitar Solo: WTTJ - TIL

Riff: Estranged.

Piano: NR - Street of Dreams.

Keyboards: Prostitute.

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Bass: Its So Easy

Drums: Rocket Queen

Lead Guitar (not solo): Locomotive

Rhythm Guitar: Night Train

Guitar Solo: Dead Horse 

Acoustic Guitar:  Breakdown

Additional Instrument: Pretty Tied Up Homemade Sitar

Piano - Dizzy: Prostitute

Piano - Axl: Estranged 

Synth: There Was A Time

Orchestration: There Was A Time

Lead Vocal: Coma

Axl Ad-lib: Down On The Farm "Baaaaaaaaa"

Intro Riff: Reckless Life

Backing Vocals: Sorry (Baz), CD (Mel), There Was A Tme (all of em), YCBM (Izzy and Duff)

Programming: Sorry (Mel, no doubt with some files from Pitman)

Sorry for over indulging myself! 


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Just off the top of my head, my favorites (not necessarily the best);

Vocals: There Was A Time (Honorable mention: Sweet Child O'Mine)

Guitar: Nightrain (Honorable mention: You Could Be Mine)

Bass: It's So Easy (Honorable mention: Chinese Democracy* can only really be heard clearly in the demos, since an extra guitarists contributions drown out Tommy sound on the album)

Drums: You Could Be Mine (Honorable mention: Mr. Brownstone)

Piano: Estranged (Honorable mention: This I Love)


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1 hour ago, tremolo said:

Shackler’s is my def n°1 when it comes to vocals, it’s so damn effective and well crafted! The mean low register dominating the first part of the verses with another track an octavw higher, but lower in the mix. “I got an itchy finger” and it’s Axl in all its glory. The bridge after the solo has that insane high pitch that can pierce your fucking skull.

I think it is the best display of Axl’s vocals.


The rest, I don’t know, haven’t really thought about it, but off the top of my head, the bass intro to RNDTH is great.

Just ONE octave higher? It’s like 4 octaves higher! 

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