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Slash: Richard Fortus Brought Out Some of My Best Guitar Playing. He's Awesome

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30 minutes ago, Sosso said:

Slash: "Richard is awesome. He and I complement each other really well. I think Rich has brought out some of my best guitar playing, just playing with him, because he's so accomplished technically and all that.

"We wanted to get it focused more in a feel for what 'Appetite' really sounded like. We just slowly but surely evolved into something that captured that but still seems new and fresh. It's been an interesting ride and a lot of fun."

Richard: "There's a reason that Slash is a legend. As a guitarist, the players that I always held in the highest regard are those that took chances. Those that stretched out every night and never played the same thing twice.

"Hendrix, Beck, Van Halen - those guys kept pushing and stretching their limits on a nightly basis. Slash is exactly that.

"I have the incredible good fortune of being able to listen to him nightly and stand inches from him and have a musical conversation with him. He's definitely made me a better musician."


Awwwww <3

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i have to agree with slash here!

ricky truly brings the best of slash on the new songs that they wrote together

i truly loved their interplay on "True Reunion" and "I Never Lie"!

and what about that riff exchange in "Benjamin Forever"?!


seriously, these guys need to write more stuff together because what they wrote so far is nothing short of brilliant!

Oh, and its just great that Ricky is guesting on FIVE new songs from Slash's new  album! this is THE PROOF for the HATERS that Slash is not saying great things about Ricky just to be nice! He TRULY likes Ricky's playing! Its TRUE! Did you hear that, you HATERS???


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Ive always loved Fortus timbre and tune even not being much into the CD era, he was great on Daisies and brought some cools songs to the table (band went downhill after he left) but Im more of a creation kind of person, I like him, yeah, but we'll never be able to say he is a good Izzy replacement if they never do anything.

Anyone can play after all.

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Nice to read them saying this about each other, it's also very visible live. I love this duo they make the gigs a truly magical experience! I've been a fan of Fortus since I got into GN'R (2008) and found out about the live videos on YT. When I saw them for the first time in 2010 I was amazed by his playing and energy, altho I think his playing comes forward better now Guns is a 2 guitar band again. 

Also when I saw Kiss in 2014 I think, the Daisies opened for them and Richard really had the crowd in his hands! 

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1 hour ago, RussTCB said:

I was actually coming to post the opposite. Richard & Robin? Now THERE'S what live chemistry looks like to me.

Not going to hijack the thread but was just going to post the opposite too. I only witnessed a decline in Slash's playing during the NITL tour.  He was playing out of his mind and by most accounts leading up to the NITL tour and then there was a drop off. Can't really say if Fortus was a factor in that or not   Slash was still able to carry the NITL tour on his shoulders either way but he wasn't at his best. My opinion has zero to do with Izzy either. I just want the band to sound as good as it can. 

Also, this is only like the first time in 2 1/2 years that I remember him commenting on Fortus and he was asked.  I'm not saying he believes what he is saying or not but he definitely isn't going to say anything negative about the dude.

Just my two cents. Not going to go back and forth and ruin the thread.

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12 minutes ago, MaskingApathy said:

On the other hand, when asked about Frank he didn't have much to say, so I don't think he's lying here about Fortus.

Forgetting about his chemistry with Slash I haven't a been a big fan of what Fortus does with some songs, but if one of those two had to go it would be Frank every day! He has a much larger negative impact on the sound than anyone.

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