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1 hour ago, THELINESMAN said:



Admittedly doesn't sound as bad as I remember on the feed I watched! But he definitely drops an octave into a deeper rasp and misses a note (I feel evil now picking, I couldn't sing this well along with all the other stuff he sings!) 

Yeah, it’s not that bad. 2019 was worse in my opinion

1 hour ago, nikothebellic said:

Download Festival? Really? The haven't found anything better? Beginning of the leg, Axl is still in "charging up" mode, and we've already seen footage from there. Seems to me it was just available from promoters. 

At least the camera work will be good :lol:

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Riot shields or bust.  

Cant beleive its taken the band 3 months to do this, and Fernando only agreeing to do something like this when told to him directly by the fans. If GNR want to look at being a top tier band this

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