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NITL live videos on youtube

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Just now, StayofExecution2020 said:

Probably some 30 second snippets from Kat. It we're lucky, they're not black n f'n white though


If it were just more short clips/montages, I think they'd just post it on their facebook and Fernando wouldn't mention it. But I'm cautiously optimistic about this.

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4 minutes ago, RussTCB said:

I swear to God if they just upload shit like A4D, the London concert and so on....... 

That stuff is all produced for public release. Hell even the possibility of the Paris PPV show or Tokyo being up officially is more than what’s available. I think that’s the most of what we’d get here. I’d love to be proved wrong though   

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1 minute ago, RussTCB said:

That's what I just don't get. 

I've been saying for at least 10 years that GNR should have had a pay streaming service for concert footage since they have TONS of it they never use. 

They never got around to that and now they're like 2 months into a worldwide quarantine and just now thinking about getting around to "looking very seriously with regard to" hitting upload on some videos lol. 

Yeah it's a no brainer really and you'd think it would be standard bread and butter stuff of any A list band. However...

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2 minutes ago, RussTCB said:

Hahaha, then there's this opinion! Which is valid also :)

Lol, honestly, anything this guys says or promises can got right to shitter.  His word means so very little, and he knows he can just throw whatever out there with impunity. We've seen it again and again.

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If I had to guess part of the issue will be that there's no existing set up or designated and qualified person to oversee this. There should be and that set up should already exist within the management of a band like GNR and should have existed for a number of years now. 

Probably the reason Pink Floyd got to it quickly is because they have the set up in place already.

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