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The most recognized duo in GNR

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pnuZNoepjWell it was summer of 93 just before I finished my 8th grade when I saw November Rain on MTV I was blown away... crazy enough my grandma shut the TV down when that guy throws himself into wedding cake so I did not know what band was playing, next morning was a 3 from 1 hits on FM radio and I found out that it was Guns N'Roses I fell in love right then and there and never stop even this day in 2021 I listen GNR daily, but my question is who was the members that get you attention the most? To mention that soon after I saw videos from appetite Era on MTV weekend and I got to see the previous GNR incarnations at that time, anyways for me was Axl & Slash who caught the most attention! Let me know who was your favorite 2 members as a duo? 

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3 minutes ago, James Bond said:

Chris Pitman is by far the most recognizable member of Guns N' Roses past or present.

Agree. Along with Mr Paul "The Boogie Woogie Hoogie" Tobias, these two are the very essence of GNR.

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I mean, Axl and Slash are obviously the most recognized two members in the band’s entire history.

As far as my own personal favorite duo within the band goes, I’d say Duff and Steven circa late 1986/ early 1987. Most people may not realize it, but AFD wouldn’t sound as good as it does if it weren’t for those two.

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Frank Ferrer and Richard Fortus by far 

will tell you why 

they each have been in GNR longer than anyone else besides Axl even though his appearance is more enhanced now than during his classic era, 

that to me means the most - they've gotten the most mileage and produced the most unique showmanship and displays of writing potential 

its more than obvious that them two are the leaders of the band, guys that rejoined the band such as duff and slash are merely second fiddle 

furthermore, izzy and steve have zero recognition in the band even in their heyday, it doesn't even matter that they were big in Japan and had cartoons made of them 

richard and frank will always be remembered as the true original members 

the same could be even said about Dizzy!! 

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