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Charlie Watts: Rest in Power


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Absolutely devastated.




Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts has died at the age of 80, his publicist has said.

"It is with immense sadness that we announce the death of our beloved Charlie Watts," a statement said.

"He passed away peacefully in a London hospital earlier today surrounded by his family."

It said he was "a cherished husband, father and grandfather" and "one of the greatest drummers of his generation".

The statement added: "We kindly request that the privacy of his family, band members and close friends is respected at this difficult time."




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A cool fucking cat. Took no shit from Jagger and his theatrics in their pomp. Seemed the best of the bunch to me, as a bloke. As a drummer, he ticked all the boxes for what The Stones required and was essential to their sound. Absolutely gutted.

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What a feel, what a groove! He can’t be replaced.. I was hoping to see the Stones in their 60th anniversary next year but now I just hope they fulfill their contractual obligations this fall with Steve Jordan and then call it a day

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The stones are the best band ive ever seen, hyde park 2013 was epic!... So was old Trafford 

The stones tracks are simple to drum to, nothing technical but what an icon & legend... RIP Charlie ♥, im cut up like when Bowie died

If jagger has anything about him he'd retire the stones in memory 

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1 hour ago, Dean said:

Absolutely devastated.



I'm devastated too :no:

The guy never was the typical rock drummer. He was a quiet man playing drums. And yet we could felt his presence. He added his style, at the shows and also to the albums

RIP :cry:

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RIP Charlie! Be good tonight wherever you are.

Ive caught the stones a bunch of times over the years. Jaggers voice live was in question in the 80s & 90s, Question marks have hung over Keef ability to play numerous times in the last 20 years. Ronnie has been drunk-sober-drunk and finally sober for a while now. But throughout the years I’ve caught them, Charlie Watts was solid as a rock. Midnight Rambler will never be the same. 

My favourite Charlie moment was in London Stadium 2018, the Friday night show. During the chorus of satisfaction, Jagger turned the vocals over to the crowd, Charlie was on the big screen and his mouth kinda dropped into an O at the noise the crowd threw back. It was a genuine reaction of wow! Then it changed to a big smile. 

All down the line. 

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2 hours ago, Stay.Of.Execution said:




Wow! I know GNR opened for the Stones in the 80's. Must have been one hell of a tour.

My mom remembers seeing the Stones first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show back in the 60's and how laid back both Charlie and Bill were as Jagger was super hyper.

They performed a week or so after the Beatles. My mom was around 8 and her and her friends were like after seeing how cute the Beatles were, none of them were impressed with the way the Stones looked lol Silly little girls

Anyway, the Decades channel has had reruns of the Ed Sullivan's shows and the one of the Stone's appearance was to sing "Let's spend the night together" anyway, Ed said can't sing that so they changed it to "Let's spend some time together. Every time Jagger sang it he rolled his eyes. it must have been a very early appearance since the Stones didn't want to rock the boat like the Doors did.

Anyway, RIP Charlie. hate all these rock Gods dying. it sucks.

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