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Make Your Own GNR EP

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Fun little idea I thought up. Let's say you want to introduce a friend to GnR who either hasn't ever heard any of their music, or only casually knows of the hits like Sweet Child, Jungle, Paradise City. 

Instead of tasking them with listening through a whole album, you put together an EP. What four songs would you have somebody listen to to give a good taste of the band?  

Mine would be:

1. Perfect Crime

2. It's So Easy

3. Yesterdays

4. Hair of the Dog

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1. Mr. Brownstone

2. Pretty Tied Up

3. Bad Obsession

4. Street of Dreams OR Madagascar 

Bonus: “The General/Monsters” (ONLY together, I must preface)

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II think 4 songs wouldn't be enough, so I'd make it a 5-song EP (edit: no, 6 songs, actually):

1. It's So Easy

2. Nightrain

3. You're Crazy (Lies)

4. Civil War

5. Estranged

6. Locomotive

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1. Rocket Queen

2. Ain't it Fun

3. There Was a Time

4. Coma

I picked something from each major era/album, but avoided the likes of Civil War, YCBM, Patience, Estranged & (maybe) Nightrain because I'd be surprised if even casual fans hadn't heard these.

Otherwise, it would be exactly those.

1. Nightrain

2. You Could be Mine

3. Civil War

4. Patience

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  1. SCOM
  2. YCBM
  3. TWAT
  4. You're Crazy (Acoustic)
  5. Estranged


Technically it would surpass the length of an EP (25 minutes) but since no one's really worrying about that, this is my choice.

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