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I’m opening for Adler in Detroit!

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1 hour ago, ZoSoRose said:

Hey everyone! I’m stoked, my band is opening up for Steven in Detroit June 5th! I’m excited I get to say I opened with a AfD member! 

If you are going and want a discounted ticket, hit me up! It’ll be a good show!

Awesome to hear that, i hope you a great Time 🤘 wish i could come and see you play but its pretty far away from Germany 😊 

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Congrats. Great news. 

See if he wants to join in for a number :)

Mate of mine opened for him (ages ago now) and Steven was super excited just to playing and gigging and happily got involved. It's a memory/experience my mate still hasn't forgotten. Can't recall if he joined in on their set or everyone joined in on Adlers set, or both, think it was both. 

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