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Happy Birthday Steven!!

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10 minutes ago, Natty said:

..the real GNR drummer! 

I wished he could participate again full or part time in some shows. 

Duff wished him a happy birthday on twitter. not sure about duff s feelings. wasn t it him who called stevie to tell him he is out of the nitl tour? :question:

Wish Steven all the best.

They all love Steven, they just don’t think he’s best for the band. And possibly it’s not best for Steven. 

My opinion: I would love to see him on the road more with the band. These guys are in their 50’s, time isn’t on their side. Stevens passion is GNR, let him live that out even if it kills him. The band itself isn’t doing anything special. They need to stop pretending they are on the verge of a breakthrough album. Play the music with people who love the music and ride it out into the sunset, quit pretending it’s anything more than a money tour. 

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