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Velvet Revolver vs. Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses vs. Velvet Revolver   

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That Velvet Revolver gig in the original post is from 2007. They were on their way out then. But in 2005 they were on FIRE!

Can't really say which one is better, Guns in 2006 or VR in 2005. Gn'R has better songs and Axl was on the top of his game, but Velvet Revolver was new and exciting and they felt more like a cohesive band than Guns at the time.

But if I really had to... Guns.

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I saw a lot of shows from both bands and I'll take VR as it was actually a band. Axl's band was just that...Axl and a band. You went to see Axl even if some of the other guys were alright, it didn't really matter.

I would never trade all the VR shows I saw for it but really, this is the time (06-07ish) that they needed to reunite. It would have been fucking insane. Axl's voice was the best it's ever been post 90s and the VR guys were on fire and I'm sure Izzy would have been in the fold then as he was making appearances with both bands from 04-07.

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GnR wins this round 10-8 on the score cards. I just find Scott so cringe with VR live. This Axl (and most Axl's) stomps a mud hole in that ass and walks it dry. 2006 GnR is some prime real estate, if Slash and Duff would have snuck in during this period of time, who knows what would have happened. 

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GNR 2006 was one of the best live acts ever. RAR wasnt even their best show on that tour, just the only proshot released. I saw them with Izzy on that tour, absolutely fantastic. I'd take any pre-Ashba CD lineup over Izzy-less and Steven-less NITL lineup any day. VR I like the music and the musicians, but their concerts never did much for me, just like Audioslave lots of talent and really good music on stage but kinda blah live.

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