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North America 2021 rescheduled/cancelled/new tour dates discussion thread

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20 hours ago, MaskingApathy said:

ZZ Top opened for them at a show a few years ago I think, and Slash hung out with BFG.

They did. I saw that show! Alamadome in San Antonio September 2017. Epic show. 6 song encore...show lasted almost 4 hours. My legs were jello lol. 

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53 minutes ago, sofine11 said:

Debuting the first “new” GNR song with Axl and Slash since 1991 live would be a disastrous call. Even if the studio version is great, that’s going to be YouTube’s first impression of it. And it would be everywhere.

So if that’s the plan, we damn sure better wake up to a studio single streaming it’s ass off. Which, of course, means neither will happen tomorrow.  Cuz GNR.

I have to respectfully disagree. Remember GNR has played songs live before the studio release. There's a rumor that Hard School will be played during the tour. 

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I don't think that live videos of unreleased songs would have the same effect as 10 or 20 years ago...

Some of the hardcore fans would get excited but the public eye wouldnt notice anything until the official release date. 

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18 minutes ago, Kranich said:

Souncheck of WTTJ surfaced online and "Axl isnt sounding terribly bad"

That's a hell of ringing endorsement if I've ever heard of one.  Axl was in sound checks and wasn't as atrocious as most hardcore GNR fans expected. 

The skeptic in me would question whether it was a stage hand filling in for the vocalists, or maybe some of the mystery buttons that emoji Melissa Reese hits during rehearsals which cover for Axl. 

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