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What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

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6 hours ago, TheGeneral said:

I prefer Fortus over Izzy.

Coma is my pissbreak song and I hope it will never be played live again.

Used to Love Her is my least favorite song, it fucking sucks.

Chinese Democracy is the second best album.

I really like their SFTD.

I think Axl aged really well...

...his voice not so much.

They should open with CD again.

I like Scraped.

Axl is the most important part in Guns N' Roses.

The track selection on UYI 2 is more like a leftover album.

Last but not least, I think Motley's "The Dirt" is a kickass song and GN'R should learn from that for the next album.


 I totally agree with you that Motley crue's  "the dirt" is a kick ass song and yes I'd love to see guns do something similar 

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- Think About You is one of the best songs in the GnR catalog

- Scraped (after the intro) and especially Riad are good rockers and don’t deserve a lot of the vigor

- Can’t believe someone actually said this in the thread but Robin Finck’s “Patience” solo is better than Slash’s. Would love for AFD 1999 (Patience is on it) to leak so we could hear this properly. 

- 2006 was a thrilling time to be a fan imo. Axl looked and sounded awesome and the band was so tight

- NITL got old quick, Wichita Lineman, Shadow & I Feel Good  and Adler guesting were the highlights


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Locomotive is the band at their creative peak.

4 hours shows aren't fun. They are tedious.

NITL was cool at first to see Axl/Slash back together but the novelty wore off quick and the shows were pretty lackluster at the end of the day.

VR was WAY more GNR then GNR is now and when they played GNR songs it sounded better than GNR does now (mainly because the drumming)

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Madagascar is not Chris Pitman's golden contribution.

He himself said that Axl was messing around and came up with the horn progression on his own. Not to mention the fact that well known film composer Marco Beltrami arranged the strings/orchestra on this song (along with There Was a Time, Prostitute, This I Love, and Street of Dreams and several unreleased tracks)


I think Axl's 2006 tone quality surpasses all others in terms of a powerful screaming voice

I liked the 2006 cornrows

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1) Prostitute is not so great of a song, and definitely not for an album finale. 
2) Shotgun Blues is a cool, kick-ass song. 
3) Axl’s best voice since the 90s was in 2010, not in 2006. 
4) It’s 5 o’ Clock Somewhere is way better than anything else Slash has done since, at least in terms of a complex album/band. 
5) Sympathy for the Devil seems to be underrated. 
6) Brain would have been much better – then again, I don’t think this opinion is unpopular here. 
7) NR and KOHD should be retired from the future setlist, or only played now and then. 
8) I also liked the 2006 braids. 
9) Steven and Izzy wouldn’t handle or wouldn’t wanna play ChinDem songs. 
10) NITL wasn’t just a cash-grab tour; given it was one of the biggest reunions of all times (regardless of some members missing), it had to be this long, they logically had to tour the world (although the 2018 US part definitely was unnecessary). Just because you make loads of money off something it doesn’t mean money is the only – or even the main – reason you’re doing it. 
11) OMG is a cool song; they should remake it and play it occasionally. 

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Prostitute is boring.

I'd be happy never to hear SCOM or KOHD again.

I want new music to sound more chinese democracy than AFD.

Slash is a great lead guitarist but a poor songwriter.

Izzy is not a good enough guitarist to play stadiums.

I though the AFD box set was great value and the fake tattoos were an essential item for all 'real' GNR fans (just kidding).

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6 hours ago, Powerage5 said:

Frank is the second best fit for a drummer that GN'R has had.


Axl/DC was more exciting than NITL, and Axl's best vocals since 1993.


Think About You is a fucking great song (This one especially goes out to the rest of the Mod Squad, sorry guys and gals :awesomeface: )

Would love to see that song done live. I love that song. In terms of a ballad rocker would prefer this to SCOM all day every day.

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2 hours ago, SAU3R said:

I think NITL Axl looks really good, much better than he did 2010-14, I like the trousers and even the snake boots..

And I like Melissa, I think Richard is perfect for GNR and I don't hate Frank

I wish he would slim down abit more and wear the porn tache again. It suits him.

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1 minute ago, DownUnderScott said:

I think that Axl actually looks great for his age! 

And it has already been mentioned but I also liked Axl's braids and cornrows. Looked Badarse.

I thought 06 braids were fine but when he first came into the public with them in 2000s i didnt know whether he was trying to take the piss fron dexter from offspring. Either way it made him look like a tool.

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- CD is a masterpiece. Anyone who disagrees is objectively wrong.

- My World was too short.

- Scraped and Shackler's are amazing - best songs on the album - gimme more Bucket compositions plz

- Shotgun Blues, Get In The Ring and Silkworms are good songs.

- Although I like them, I usually skip SOD, IRS and Madagascar.

- The best lineup (including classic era) was 2002.

- I would have happily chosen CD 2 & 3 over a reunion.

- I want nothing more than a Guns/Axl album full of My World/Silkworms/OMG industrial madness and some Bucket/Brain/Melissa 'weirdo shit' akin to the remixes.

- Rock The Rock is better than any Slash project post-Snakepit (or any other former Guns project).

- I'm a big fan of The Pitman's musical contributions.

- Think About You is an album highlight.

- I love SCOM, but the guitar riff fuckin sucks.

- TSI kicks ass, I don't understand why it doesn't get more love. Every song on it was better than the original (except SIDHY, the original was just as good - I have a soft spot for doo wop).

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7 minutes ago, DieselDaisy said:

Chinese is really not as progressive as people claim. 


Agree. The fact people think the album is too 'out there' shows that they're further behind the times than Axl could ever be. It's as if they've never heard a rock album since 1993.

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1 hour ago, BangoSkank said:

- Slash & Buckethead together would have been unstoppable. If Slash were a part of NuGNR most of the general public would not have cared.

I would love to hear what they would sound like together. It would be awesome if Axl could edit together some kind of guitar duet/duel on a new song.

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The best live version of Nightrain any incarnation of the band ever played was the 2001/2002 lineup.

GNR are the biggest band in the world to have so few actual fans. Their live shows are 90 per cent people who don't give a fuck about them, and barely even know album tracks.  

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