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NITL live videos on youtube

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1 hour ago, MaskingApathy said:


Why can't they select better performances of these songs, instead of random shows? Like for the seeker I would rather see a 2016 or 2017 performance.

They never bother going through the hours of archived footage or audio they have. They weren't even remotely sharp when picking the performances for Live Era.

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Man, I just don't really care about Shadow of your Love. It was fun as a somewhat rarity and it was cool they retooled it, but they treat it like it was a smash hit. If they were so enamored with it, why didn't it make Appetite? (fwiw it should have over Anything Goes)


Axl does crush it live though, so I shoud l stop whining. This video is great.

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It's noticeable how much more energy there is in SOYL, especially from Slash.

It's almost like they get animated whenever they do the things they haven't done a million times before......


2 minutes ago, Stress Fracture said:

Should have started with this impressive SOYL. LALD had me grimacing.

The difference really was marked! 

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